Wellbeing sessions 

I offer to unique wellbeing sessions to help you re-balance your energies. I use the ancient art of energy healing called Reiki as a basis and combine it with other techniques like energy medicine, colour therapy, crystals, sound bowls, visualisation and affirmations. The sessions aid the body in promoting health and healing. 

During a session you'll lay fully clothed on a massage couch and I'll be using a very light touch on your body or work in your energy field. Many people feel a warm sensation or a tingling during these sessions, some don't feel anything; which just explains how different and unique we all are. 

I work from The Arches Therapy Centre on Cheltenham Road. Please be in touch via the contacts page or call me to arrange a session. 

Sunshine sessions

This wellbeing session I offer during the day, preferably in the morning. It is designed to recharge your batteries, fill you with joy and bring that spring back into your life. 

Twilight sessions

This wellbeing session I offer in the evenings. It helps release tension and stress by creating a deep sense of relaxation that will aid your quality of sleep and raise your resilience to deal with the challenges of everyday life. 


You will feel benefits after one session already but long lasting and sustainable change will only happen after a series of sessions. 

first session - 90mins/£75
subsequent session - 60mins/£55

4 sessions - £220