Energy coaching

In a coaching session we work with your body's energy systems and create alignment of your heart, head and gut brains. This supports you in your quest to achieving specific goals and overcoming obstacles to personal growth. Your goals maybe related to any area of your life like relationships challenges, business, finance or health and wellbeing. 


I understand myself as your guide since you hold all the answers and solutions within you; I'm merely the helper to unlock these solutions. In my coaching I work with the whole person - body and mind and use different modalities including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mBIT coaching. Some sessions might be more physical, where we move and create long lasting and sustainable change in the areas you are looking to improve.


I usually see clients at The Arches Therapy Rooms. Alternatively, I can hold these sessions at the location where the change is wanted; this could be your house, at work or wherever the undesired state is present.

Please call me for an initial consultation and to arrange a session.