My approach

I use a warm, nurturing yet fun and professional style to help you inject your life with joy, happiness and energy, so you feel able to step into your power and live your life with courage. 

I love giving, being kind and get deep satisfaction when people feel empowered, leave happy and smiling after a session with me.

I offer twilight sessions in the evenings and sunshine sessions in the morning. Both of which have truly different outcomes. In any of these sessions I help my client to set clear outcomes at the beginning of each session to enable the required result. This means they leave the session totally energised or deeply relaxed depending on their intention. I also use visualisation, sound, colour and other healing modules. 

In my coaching practice I work with you, my client, at the place where you want to create change - this could be in your home, at work or wherever the problem state presents itself. I use a very somatic approach, which often means you move your body as well as mind to create long lasting change.