About me

We all have to be courageous many times throughout our lives.

I remember certain life events that required me to be brave and courageous from a young age, like changing schools early in my school career, competing at various gymnastic events or convincing my parents to let me go to boarding school so I could study towards my dream of becoming a Russian language teacher. The most courage I had to show though when the wall (between East and West Germany) came down because all that was wrong until then, was now right and vice versa.

This event noticeably formed me for the rest of my life. It taught me to somehow trust and show faith in life, question things I didn't understand and take responsibility for my actions.


Being curious

I was curious and hungry to explore the world. So my travels took me to Bristol as an Au Pair, where I soon fell in love with the way of living in the UK and specifically the South West. After a few years back in Germany it became clear, I missed the British culture, the quirkiness and the music scene so much, so my husband and I moved to Bristol to put down our roots.

The first few years felt like an extended holiday and when I fell seriously ill in 2005 it was a wake-up call to truly embrace life and look after myself.

On the path to health and wellbeing

The  medical profession wasn't able to treat the cause of my illness and I wasn't satisfied to keep treating my symptoms, without actually improving. So, I started my journey to explore what complimentary health  techniques were available. I tried and tested a fair few - acupuncture, kinesiology, natural nutrition to name just a few. What intrigued me most was the profound effect an ancient art of energy healing called Reiki had on me. I was fascinated how something so very simple can be so powerful.

My training and development

The rest they say is history. In 2008 I trained to become a Reiki practitioner and have since used it to work on myself, family and friends. Over the coming years I trained with and learnt from amazing teachers like Mathilda and Nic of Integrated Healing kinesiology, Donna Eden, Madison King, Kim Dowdell, Barbara Wren and many more. I combine my learning in a unique way and use my knowledge and experience as my intuition guides me.

The final puzzle piece presented itself in form of an eye opening evening course about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to the INLPTA accredited master NLP practitioner I have become. I'm convinced I've received exceptional and unique training in the field of NLP with an amazing trainer (Ben Grassby) in over 250 hours.  Not only my own journey but the journey of my wonderful fellow students has taught me invaluable skills.

My passion

I love people, I love working with them, I love supporting them and helping them achieve their goals.

Get in touch

If you want to work with me, please call me or email. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you.