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Energy Coach
Sunshine session

During this healing session I will work with your body's energy systems to  recharge your batteries, fill you with joy and bring that spring back into your life. 

Twilight session

This healing session helps release tension, stress and anxiety by creating a deep sense of relaxation that will aid your quality of sleep and raise your resilience to deal with the challenges of everyday life. 

Energy coaching

My coaching style helps you connect with your heart, head and gut and bring these three parts of yourself in alignment. This brings you clarity, focus and buckets full of energy so that you can live the life you always dreamed of. 

My approach

I love people, I love giving and being kind. My practice, Nadine Siebdrat, enables me to experience deep satisfaction when people feel empowered, leave happy and smiling after a session with me.


I use a warm, nurturing yet fun and professional style to help you inject your life with joy, happiness and energy, so you feel able to step into your power and live your life with courage. 

About me

We all have to be courageous many times throughout our lives.

I remember certain life events that required me to be brave and courageous from a young age, like changing schools early in my school career, competing at various gymnastic events or convincing my parents to let me go to boarding school so I could study towards my dream of becoming a Russian language teacher.


The most courage I had to show though when the wall (between East and West Germany) came down because all that was wrong until then, was now right and vice versa.

Thank you so much for the coaching session recently. I have spent some time reflecting and realised just how helpful and useful your coaching exercise was.


After working through the ‘steps’ with you, I now feel more assured of my basic priorities and have more understanding of the underlying decisions which will shape my 5 year and 10 year plan.  I believe the session has really helped me work through the maze of possibilities and will help me make the right decisions about my future.

Suzanne L.